10 Affordable Interior Decoration Tips to Improve Your Home

Discover 10 budget-friendly interior decoration tips to enhance the look of your home. Upgrade your living space without breaking the bank.

Not all home owners have thousands of Ringgit to spend on major house renovation or refurbishment. If you’re on a limited budget but wish to beautify your home with minor home improvements, you’re in luck because we will be sharing 10 do-it-yourself home improvement tips without the need to hire a professional interior designer or consultant.

1. Peel and Stick Backsplash

Bored of the dull square tiles on your kitchen wall but hesitating to replace with new, expensive tiles? Freshen up your kitchen look with a modern looking peel and stick backsplash. With these sticker-like 3D designs, you can easily stick them up in a matter of minutes. In case you got bored of them down the road, you can easily remove the old ones, order a new set and stick it up again on the wall. Best part is, the peel and stick backsplash tiles will not crack like the standard porcelain or stone tiles. Just go on Shopee or Lazada and start ordering!

2. Paint On Some Strips, DIY Style

Keeping to the wall category, one of the best ways to spruce up your wall without burning a hole in your wallet on wallpapers is by painting strips on the wall surface. All you need are a few supplies like paint, paintbrush, tape measure, masking tape or painter’s tape and a leveler or ruler to help you draw straight lines. If you have a white wall, you can choose another color that matches your bathroom decoration.

3. DIY Pull-Out Kitchen Pantry Storage

You know older cabinet designs seldom come with a pull-out kitchen pantry storage but it’s one of the must-haves in our kitchen right now! You can create your own using wood planks, a cupboard handle, some screws, soft mesh wires, staple gun, a wire cutter, and a mini saw. Check out this tutorial on how to make your first pull-out kitchen pantry storage unit!

4. Fill Up Nail Holes

Did you know there are cheaper and creative ways for you to fill up nail holes on your wall and that includes combining toothpaste and aspirin? But if you don’t want to waste on those items, there are a few tricks shared on how to fill up nail holes in walls using items that you have around the house. Of course, the right way is using putty filler, then sand down the area until the surface is smooth and level.

5. Click Flooring

Another marvelous DIY trick that can make your house look stunning is by installing the luxurious-looking click flooring. If you are hearing this for the first time, click flooring is like vinyl flooring which you can also DIY. But click flooring doesn’t need adhesive, it’s more durable, waterproof, and has a wide range of designs including wood, stone, and tile effects.

6. Paint Kitchen Cabinets

When it’s time to have a new look for your kitchen, one of the best ways is to paint your old cabinet doors. Any doors that can be smoothened with sandpaper can be painted and that includes your wooden and melamine doors. With high-quality acrylic paint, your door will look brand new, more durable, and easier to clean. Add in your desired handles to give the doors some finishing touches of your own!

7. Transform Kitchen Countertop with Faux Marble

Transform a worn countertop on your kitchen cabinet with a fake marble-looking vinyl sticker. It’s inexpensive compared to replacing the whole worktop with a new marble or quartz stone, and with an array of designs, you can easily align the look with your personal style. All you need is patience and some smoothening tool when installing the sticker.

8. Make Old Couch Look New

We know how sentimental an old couch can be. So, if you want to squeeze every bit of it while saving up for your dream couch, just drape it with a blanket and load it with fluffy cushions to hide the stains from peering eyes. There is no magic trick involved, only creativity and a good sense of color matching.

9. Frame the Bathroom Mirror

Adding a frame to bare bathroom mirror is simply one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to make the space look fresh! It’s cost-effective because you don’t have to throw away the old mirror and buy anew one. You can start scouring for the frame either at a DIY store or even customize it to fit your style!

10. Install Wainscoting Without Power Tools

Now, let’s talk about wainscoting! Yes, many households in Malaysia have wainscoting panels decorated on their main walls. But did you know you can do it on your own without using any power tools? All you need is the correct pre-made wainscoting frames (measure the walls first), secure them on the wall with finishing nails and paint over the frames and wall with the color you love!

There you go! Have fun and good luck on your next DIY home improvement project!

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